The Value of Simple is available directly from the author or from a number of retailers.

The electronic edition is currently available from Amazon (for Kindle), and from Kobo or Google Play (for Kobo, Sony, and other e-readers).

The print edition is available online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

Or you can order directly from the author’s store:
Electronic edition (includes ePub, PDF, and AZW3 versions to cover virtually any e-reader, and all DRM-free). ISBN 978-0-9878189-4-2

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are available for the Value of Simple are available. Any quantity can be ordered, however a carton comes from the printer with 36 books, so the greatest discount is on multiples of 36. Please contact me for pricing.

Examples where a bulk order is handy:

  • Advice-only advisors and planners who want to provide their clients with a guide to implementing their investment portion on their own.
  • Advisors who want to help their clients educate their children on investing.
  • Companies seeking to educate their employees on investing.
  • Dentists, physicians, and others with a waiting room who want their patients or customers to be able to pull a book from a box and take it home with them rather than page through a years-old magazine.
  • And lots more!

Signed copies: I’m always happy to sign copies of the book, and generally do sign individual orders that come through directly through the site. For bulk orders, that’s more challenging: it will involve shipping the carton to me first, then unpacking and signing the books, and re-shipping it to you. The cost will vary, but estimate approx. $4-5/copy in additional shipping and handling for signing bulk orders.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a bulk or educational deal please contact me at invest@therobertsons.net.