The Value of Simple is available directly from the author or from a number of retailers.

The electronic edition is currently available from Amazon (for Kindle), and from Kobo or Google Play (for Kobo, Sony, and other e-readers).

The print edition is available at Chapters/Indigo — including select retail locations. At the present time, Amazon is not stocking the paperback, though 3rd party sellers are offering it through Amazon (note carefully their shipping fees though!).

Or you can order directly from the author’s store — currently offering free shipping:
Electronic edition (includes ePub, PDF, and AZW3 versions to cover virtually any e-reader, and all DRM-free). ISBN 978-0-9878189-2-8
Print edition (6″x9″ paperback, 204 pages). ISBN 978-0-9878189-1-1
Print and electronic bundle — get both for just a few dollars more: you can pass along your paperback to friends and family while holding on to an electronic version for yourself if you need to refer back to it in the future.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a bulk or educational deal please contact me at invest@therobertsons.net.