The book refers to many tools and references in footnotes and the body of the text. To avoid the inconvenience of typing those addresses out manually, I’ve collected all of the links here for your convenience, in the order they appear in the book, grouped by section:

On Exponential Growth, Bunnies, and the Future

On Exponential Growth, Bunnies, and the Future

The Michael James on Money post that inspired the figure.

The spreadsheet referenced in the optional math section on Google Drive.

Google Finance for looking up quotes, historical returns, etc.

The Morningstar Global Fund Investor Experience 2013 Report

Source data for the figure provided courtesy of Libra Investment Management (and very conveniently packaged at that).

The Ballparkinator for roughly estimating several saving scenarios.

Canadian Capitalist’s rebalancing spreadsheet, pre-configured for his “Sleepy Portfolio”.

My more flexible (and thus complex) rebalancing spreadsheet.

Putting It Into Practice

Account creation link for Tangerine — my Orange Key (referral code that can also give you a bonus on a chequing or savings account) is 41498982S1.

The robo-advisor comparison tool.

The form to convert a regular TD mutual funds account to an e-series account.

The robo-advisor comparison tool (

The unofficial guide to TD e-series funds.

The application link for TD Waterhouse/Direct Investing.

The link to TD e-series details, including fund codes as well as MER, conditions, current prices, and past performance (you will have to click on the “e-series” selection button).

Account creation link for Questrade (with my QPass of 356624159378948 embedded).

The link to Questrade IQ Essential, to directly log into that platform.

Financial Planning Reference Sheet. The large link in the reference sheet to a rebalancing spreadsheet is the deep link to the same rebalancing spreadsheet linked above. In other words, that link is not really meant for you to follow it, rather to show that as a convenience for your future self you should similarly link to where you keep your tools.

My spreadsheet for tracking your ACB and preparing your schedule 3 for taxes.

Canadian Capitalist’s ACB tracker for Excel.

Burrowing Deep

The CRA site on tax brackets. Note that this makes no mention of the Ontario surtax.

RRIF minimum withdrawals at the CRA.

The post at Bronte Capital that the quote was drawn from.

Spending reductions may be forced rather than the choices of retirees, from Michael James on Money.

Getting Help and Further Reading

Note: the MoneySense Directory of Fee-Only Planners has been taken off-line as of August 2015 — I have created a free alternative.

The blog post where Chris talks about money being the client.

My rant on advice and the new model.

Spring Personal Finance.

Money Coaches Canada.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Canadian Couch Potato.

Canadian Money Forum.

Reddit /r/PFC.

Books: (disclosure: all links are Amazon affiliate links)

The Wealthy Barber Returns
Worry-Free Money
Stop Over-Thinking Your Money
Millionaire Teacher
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
A Random Walk Down Wall Street
Predictably Irrational
The Undoing Project
Happy Money
The Little Book of Value Investing
The Intelligent Investor

After publishing the book, I put together this reading guide, which you may find helpful.

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Link to the investing course for more information and walkthroughs for investing.


A number of people volunteered their time to help read, critique, and refine the book from its beta stage. Many of them have homes on the web, including:
Ben Pakuts,
Sandi Martin, and
Jill Bressmer,
Kyle Prevost, freelance personal finance writer for and other sites
Michael Wiener,