Spring 2019 at the Toronto Public Library

I’ll be presenting my “Simple Investing” lecture at three TPL branches this winter/spring, so mark your calendars!

I’ve created some handouts to give people something to take home and read more. Some are already online, including the Personal Finance Book Guide, and the TFSA vs RRSP Decision Guide. The new handout includes the spectrum of cost-vs-complexity for passive investment options, the importance of fees, as well as a bevy of handy links.


Other notes:

I was also on the new Maple Money podcast with Tom Drake recently, and next week will have a presentation in the Canadian Financial Summit, along with over 25 other speakers such as Chris Enns and Preet Banerjee. It’s free to attend if you sign up in advance and watch in the first day after the talk is released; access beyond that limited window requires a paid pass.

Finally, a quick note that Questrade has once again tweaked their user interface, so the screenshots in the book no longer exactly match up with what’s on the screen, and it will take some time before I can release a revision and update the errata. In the meantime, I’m sure that seeing TD and old Questrade in the book is enough to give you the knowledge of what is happening in a brokerage and the confidence to start trading and adapt to the tweaks.

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