Second Edition Update

It’s the official launch day for the second edition! I have a box of print versions behind me here, which you can order online now. It’s also listed at Amazon and Indigo.

The ebook version was slightly delayed but is now available in my store, and is now available at Amazon, Kobo*, and Smashwords.

As for what’s new, the changes include:

  • A small section on robo-advisors. You can see this episode of Because Money (and this other one) to get all those details and more.
  • New screenshots and slightly modified walkthroughs as Tangerine and Questrade both changed their interfaces (if you’re already set up with them, the slight change is not worth getting a new book over, but it’s nice to have it start out right for those reading for the first time).
  • A slightly expanded reading list at the end.
  • A few general tweaks and rephrasings.

Again, you do not need to get the 2nd edition if you’ve already read the 1st edition.

New ISBNs:
Print: 978-0-9878189-3-5
Ebook: 978-0-9878189-4-2

Finally, because we live in the darkest timeline, Vanguard has changed the game by introducing all-in-one ETFs with low fees the day before the 2nd edition was released. While you still can’t set up automated purchases, the automated rebalancing does make the management a fair bit simpler for ETFs, which may make these compelling alternatives to robo-advisors and TD e-series for some (while others will still be fine paying the fees for automation and convenience). Even for those comfortable with a brokerage account and ETFs, an all-in-one solution at a very modest extra cost may be very welcome.

The new funds are mixed 40/60/80% equity, with global diversification in decent ratios, so you can just pick the one with the closest allocation to what you want (as you would with Tangerine’s lineup) and stick with them. The tickers are:
VCNS – 40% equity (conservative)
VBAL – 60% equity (balanced)
VGRO – 80% equity (growth)

The MERs won’t be published until the funds are available for over a year, but should come in at about 0.24%.

* – Update on Kobo: You may notice two listings on Kobo. That’s because we got the 2nd edition up and live, and then I asked their support to transfer the ratings over to the new listing… and they can’t do that. I didn’t want it to look new or unrated (or to give up a rating of 4.9/5), so the first edition listing is being kept, but the file has been updated to the 2nd edition. So both listings will get you the 2nd edition epub there.

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