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I’m happy to say that I recently was invited to join a pair of great podcasts that were recently posted. I sat down with Jessica of the Mo Money podcast to talk about the book and some of the story behind it.

I was also a guest on Because Money recently, where we talked more generally about who should be do-it-yourself investors. Interestingly, after we recorded that (but before it went live), Dan Bortolotti (of Canadian Couch Potato) gave the final talk of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference, where a major theme was the failings of investor behaviour, and how he’s grown more pessimistic over the years as to how many people should be taking a DIY route to investing. I agree that behaviour is a major factor in success, but am more optimistic that with good processes and education investors can be successful (but Dan has seen more cases than I have so my optimism may not be as rooted in reality).

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