Course Update: November

For people who don’t read my personal blog, this will be news to you, so my apologies for taking so long to let you know separately. In October my wife got sick and was diagnosed with a very rare and serious blood disorder called TTP. She spent a little over two weeks in the hospital, and still has a fairly long road to recovery here at home. Needless to say, it has been a crazy time for me and I was not able to spend much time on the course.

The course is slowly moving towards completion, though the original final date was about now. I’ve updated the syllabus for November. At this point there are only 11 modules left to complete. I’ve marked them all for December completion in the syllabus, but with things still as chaotic as they are I can’t guarantee that those won’t slip into January. If you count by line items in the syllabus, the course is now 85% complete; I’d say it’s closer to 95% complete based on the planned wordcount/tool complexity/”meatiness”/etc.

The early access price (just $189!) will stay in effect until the final few modules are complete, which is good news if you really can’t think of anything cooler to give your friends and family this holiday season.

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